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Home: Online English Tuition.

In the first place, welcome to this online English Language Tutor (ELT) web site.

Online English Tuition

This online English tuition service offers private tuition in the English language, business, and management studies. Also, in English as a second language or English as a foreign language ESL/EFL, from beginner to advanced levels.

We also offer typing services. Please see the list and prices below this page and also, on the prices and payments page.

The online tuition service is via Skype video for one-on-one and group classes. Students equally study with their online tutor from the comfort of their own homes.

The online tuition means that the tutor and the students are not in the same room. There is no travelling involved and no excuse about the distance of the English tuition location.

The extra tuition helps students to catch up in their studies, prepare for examinations, and to achieve their career aims. Tuition also enables students to communicate well with confidence when using the English language.

Also, tutoring Business management study to GCSE, A-Level, and Degree students.

Key Stages, Levels and subjects covered are as follows:

  • Primary: English language
  • Key Stage 3: English language
  • GCSE: English language, Business and Management study
  • A-Level: English, Business and Management study
  • Degree: Business and Management study
  • ESL/EFL: English as a second language or English as a foreign language: beginner to advanced level.

Professional Support

Life challenges tend to cause stress, low self-esteem, and lack of confidence. With confidential help, the solution to any problem is easily found for both the parents and the students. Moreover, seek professional help now and visit this link:

Moreover, for further details about the services at the English language tutor website, please go to the following links.


Tuition prices:

Contact us:

Skype download and requirements:

However, in order for students to study online via Skype, they need to download the Skype app free by clicking on this website:

Expert Typing Service

Furthermore, the experienced, and certified typist offers confidential typing services for individuals and businesses. Moreover, the expert typing service offered on this website is also for students who are able to type their own documents but are too busy to meet deadlines.

In addition, the typing services on offer are as follows:

  • Copy typing
  • Personal letters
  • Personal documents
  • Covering letters
  • Business documents
  • Business letters
  • CV Typing
  • Professional CV writing

Typing service price list

  • £26.50 a page to re-type a printed or, an email personal, documents
  • £32 a page to type from any handwritten documents
  • £26.50 a page to type a personal letter
  • £35 a page to type from any document with some figures
  • £40 a page to type from any document full of figures
  • £28 a page to type a business letter
  • £28.00 a page to re-type a printed or, an email business, documents
  • £35 to type a CV (two pages)
  • £26.50 a page to type a covering letter
  • £110 for writing and typing a CV – a minimum of two pages
  • £42.00 for writing a covering letter
  • £22.00 a page for proofreading.
  • £12.00 a page for extra copies print out.
  • £30.00 to cover the time and journey to the post office to queue up and send a document by recorded delivery to the client as requested.

Moreover, documents are mainly returned to clients by email attachment.

Furthermore, we post typed documents that are required to be posted to clients by first-class stamps.

It is equally important to note that, payment is required before documents are typed.

As a matter of fact, please call this number 07908302236 or send a text message or email: with any questions you may have.