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Home: English Language Tutor. English Tutor. Typing Service.

In the first place, welcome to this English Language Tutor – ELT website.

English Language Tutor

This English language tutor equally, offers English tuition from beginner to advanced levels, business, and management studies support. Also, efficient typing services are offered on this website.

We equally offer professional typing services for individuals and businesses who have the need for a typing service to meet deadlines. Further details are available on the typing service page,

Similarly, the English language tuition service is via Skype or Signal video for one-on-one and group classes.

Again, the online tuition means that the tutor and the students are not in the same room. Also, there is no travelling involved and no excuse about the distance of the English tuition location.

Online tuition additionally, helps students to catch up in their studies and to achieve their career aims. Tuition also enables students to communicate well with confidence when using the English language.

Professional Support

As a matter of fact, life challenges tend to cause stress, poor performance and success, low self-esteem, and a lack of confidence. With confidential help, provided that the victim is willing to get support, the solution to any problem is easily found for both the parents and the students. By all means, seek professional counselling help now; surely, where there is a will, there is a way. Be sure to visit this link below for further details.

Online Counselling Service

Again, for further details about the services at the English language tutor website, please go to the following links.


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However, in order for students to study online via Skype, they need to download the Skype app free by clicking on this website:

By the same token, feel free to email us at and wait for a response within 24 hours. Send text messages or call us on either of these numbers: mobile: 07908302236 or telephone 02088501489.