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Typing Service

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Typing Service

Welcome to the typing service page on this English Language Tutor website.

Visiting this typing service page means you may have letters or documents that require the high quality and professional attention of our expert typing service.

This experienced and certificated typist offers a confidential typing service for individuals and businesses.

Moreover, the typing service on offer is also for people who are able to type their own documents but are too busy to meet deadlines.

24/7 flexibility for typing service means that clients could contact with their requirements when convenient for them.

In addition, the typing service on offer are as follows:

  • Copy typing

  • Personal letters

  • Personal documents

  • Covering letters

  • Business documents

  • Business letters

  • CV Typing

  • Covering letter writing

  • Professional CV writing

  • Minor corrections made by the typist

  • Proofreading service

Price list:

  • £11.00 a page to re-type a printed document.

  • £16.00 a page to type from a handwritten document.

  • £16.00 a page to type a personal letter without figures.

  • £20.00 a page to type from any document or personal letter with some figures.

  • £25.00 a page to type from any document or letter full of figures.

  • £22.00 a page to type a business letter or with some figures.

  • £35.00 a page to type a CV.

  • £16.00 a page to type a covering letter.

  • from £80.00 for writing a professional CV, (up to two pages).

  • from £50.00 for writing a covering letter, (one page).

  • £3.00 a page for minor corrections on documents typed for customers during typing.

  • £12.00 a page for proofreading service

  • £10.00 a page for extra pages, if required.

  • £30.00 to cover the time and journey to the post office to queue up and send a document by recorded delivery to the client as requested.

From £11.00 to £45.00 a page, extra charges for emergency typing, subject to availability.

It is equally important to note that, payment is required before documents are typed.

Payment methods:

Online transfer, request for bank details if required.

Cash paid into a bank account, request for bank details if required.

PayPal or,

click on the BUY NOW link to pay by credit cards.

Moreover, documents are mainly returned to clients by email attachment.

As a matter of fact, we post typed documents that are required to be posted to clients by first-class stamps.

Requested jobs are completed within 24 to 72 hours, and that depends on the size of the project to be worked on.

Furthermore, please call this number 07908302236 or send a text message or email: with any questions you may have.